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About Us

We are PROJEXIS - Join the revolution in Client Delivery !

Here at PROJEXIS we provide packaged services and solutions to help you deliver professional, cost-controlled and quality work into your clients (both internal and external) with our bespoke and customisable processes and tools. We enable your business to save time and money by providing all the elements required to deliver work, tasks and projects with complete control.

No matter the size of your business, or the industry you work in – our systems, tools, processes and consulting help you deliver professional work into your clients.  From our bespoke and feature packed Client Management System to our 4 step delivery method (PRODIO), the tools and services are designed to work hand-in-hand with your own business operations and processes.

Why not explore our site and find out a little more about the solutions and services we provide, or have a look at our summary below

Tailored solutions and services for both Small Business and Corporate Organisations

Whilst all of our services are provided as a base offering, we have the ability and expertise to completely tailor the service to your own business operations.  This means that no matter which service or combination of services you choose - they will fit in with your business and work seamlessly with existing services and operations you have in place.

Complete Client Delivery, Project, Audit and Consulting Services

We have over 50 years team experience in delivering Projects, Work Packages, Programmes and relevant processes and tools to ensure successful, professional and cost effective works are delivered into our clients.  Our services provide a complete end-to-end package which you can choose as much or as little as you require for your business operations.

Bespoke, tailored end-to-end process mapping and delivery services

We've looked at a number of process mapping products, project and work delivery mechanisms (methodologies) and realised that these are touted as a one-for-all solution.  Which they are not.  

Many are designed for large, government organisations - or others are missing the core elements of "Professionalism", "Cost Control" and "Quality"

Our bespoke processes align to ensure that your business can confidently deliver professional results every single time.  We provide you the tools to deliver "Exceptional"


Subscription based Client and PMO Management System

Our core service for business is around our Client Management System, which also has the power to deliver Project Management Office functionality.

If you are looking for a solution that combines CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Tasks, Work Delivery, Expenses and Contracts - then our CMS could well be the solution you have been waiting for!