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Flexible Resourcing

Truly flexible on-demand resourcing with PROJEXIS

Our flexible resources offer completely scalable approach to your business operations

We’ve worked in organisations that use external resource to support business operations during busier periods.  We’ve also seen the astronomical cost to business for utilising these resources as effective full-time employees.  Our Flexible Resourcing solution provides a range of skilled resources on a completely flexible subscription basis – enabling you to create a bespoke package of talent to deliver against your business and strategic objectives.  Using our services you can define the resource utilisation percentage, length of requirement and desired skill set.  Our resources will then deliver against specific objectives agreed with you as part of the sign up process.


Using our Flexible Resourcing for contingency based planning

The PROJEXIS Flexible Resourcing model enables your business to handle ever changing dynamics within your organisation.  By leveraging the benefits of Flexible Resourcing services together with your existing teams,  you create an agile function which is able to cope with the shifts in demand for your total resource output.  This also gives the option to boost resources and skills where your business may have current staffing concerns.

In comparison to a traditional hire of contract based resource, you can realise significant cost savings when using the PROJEXIS Flexible Resourcing model for your business operations.


Resource flexibility can allow your business to work in a smarter and more cost effective way, whilst being able to rapidly adjust the amount of utilisation and required skills as the shifts in demand dictate.

Flexible resourcing through PROJEXIS in just 3 simple steps

Our simple three step approach gives you complete flexibility to build your own skilled resource pool


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