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Project Management

PROJEXIS Project Management Services

An efficient methodology solution to ensure professional project and work delivery

Do you have a standards based approach in place within your business which concentrates on how to deliver a project?
Does your approach enable repeatable deliveries?
Are you using the most efficient methodologies and processes, without spending too much time and money on project delivery and resources?
Does your approach come across to your clients as professional, cost-effective and efficient?

How PROJEXIS can help

Our framework for Project Delivery is based on 20+ years experience with companies of various size and industry.  This framework has been developed to be simple, efficient and cost-effective.  It is based on a number of different methodologies (including PRINCE2, Agile and PMP) and provides a four step approach to the complete delivery of a piece of work or a project to your clients.

PRODIO is designed to enable quick implementation of processes and tools in order to deliver projects. It brings together all of the required elements from a number of key methodologies and provides a simple end to end flow that can be integrated and adjusted for individual business requirements.

stands for (PRO)ject (D)elivery and (I)mplementation (O)ptimisation


There are 4 stages to PRODIO, keeping things as simple as possible; ensuring that your business does not get bogged down with extended delivery timescales.





PROJEXIS are able to provide additional delivery support in developing a bespoke version of PRODIO for your business, contact us for more information on this service.